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Customized Career Coaching Services

CSS provides over 30 years experience in two specialty areas — personalized coaching for Executive Career Transitions, and Boutique Retained Executive Searches from Director to C-Level Executive.

Retained Executive Search
CSS recruits nationally but specializes in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Northern California and Alaska.

We deliver need-customized, reliable, and common sense approaches to our regional job markets.

CSS works with its clients to capitalize on the critical nuances necessary to recruit, qualify, interview, select, and negotiate all essential aspects needed to secure each quality hire.

We understand each client's business culture. Returning clients save time, energy, human resources, and money by neither they nor CSS having to reinvent the wheel with every new project — no wonder we enjoy trusted relationships that last for decades.

CSS's Director to C-Level Executive searches interface with diverse organizations and industries. A sample includes Forest Products, Construction, Distribution, Food Service, Education, High Technology, Native Alaskan Corporations, Associations, and Non-Profits.

Craig Macdonald Career Transition Coaching
CSS also offers individual executives personalized coaching in career transition.

We walk our clients through the entire discernment process, coaching them in the latest job search strategies, advanced interviewing skills, and helping our clients to master invaluable techniques to get them in the front door and all the way through to the final phases of contract negotiation.

CSS President
Our President, Craig Macdonald, rewards clients with over 3 decades of knowledge and excellence in guiding successful career transitions.

He has transitioned top Executives in enterprises such as Food Services of America, Weyerhaeuser Company, Washington Mutual Bank, Green Diamond Resources, Company, Washington Mutual Bank, Green Diamond Resources, Port Blakely Companies, Economic Development Association of Skagit County, Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, and more.

Craig Macdonald's Biography

Craig Macdonald is President of Corporate Strategies Search, LLC.

He is a native of Tacoma, Washington and holds a B.A. in English from the University of Puget Sound and an M.A. in Journalism and Communications from the University of Iowa.

Craig has been recruiting executives and managers, and coaching business professionals, since 1975.

His experience prior to CSS is extensive—beginning with 6 years at Weyerhaeuser Company as a Human Resources Manager in Weyerhaeuser Forest Products and Paper Companies, Bleached Paper/Consumer Packaging Division for domestic and international distribution, and Weyerhaeuser Secondary Fiber/Recycling Division.

Following Weyerhaeuser he co-owned a specialized executive search and personnel consulting firm in Federal Way, Washington. There he guided small business development, human resources policy and procedures. He coached companies in interviewing, selecting, and hiring. In addition, he mentored corporate communications facilitation, employee performance appraisal systems, outplacement career guidance, and organizational planning.

Later, he joined as partner with Houser Martin Morris in Bellevue, Washington where he headed HMM's retained senior management search for 12 years.

Craig has conducted countless executive searches in areas such as wood products, pulp and paper, heavy manufacturing, construction, environmental engineering, food and beverage, technology, retail and not-forprofit organizations.

Boards of Directors for both Non-Profits and For-Profits alike retain Craig for CEO/Executive Director searches.

Craig and his wife Leslie reside in Bellevue, Washington.



The best organizations need high performing people who are always in short supply and often difficult to locate. CSS, offers full executive search services to accommodate your growth and changing business conditions. We focus our efforts primarily on recruiting for senior-level positions at the director level and above. With more than 30 years of cumulative experience in executive search, we have conducted successful searches in a variety of industries, and specifically choose to specialize in only one sector.

We use an extensive network of contacts and a client-centered approach identifying the right candidates to fit your organization, and also coach you through the interviewing, evaluation, selection and delicate negotiation process.

As part of our executive search services, we provide other value-added expertise in:
Position profile development
Interview development and training
Candidate evaluation tools and methodology
Compensation, incentive bonus and relocation advice
How to insure a "legal" interview process

Historically, CSS has focused on providing the highest quality executive search and human resources consulting services to both large and small private sector employers in Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest. Areas of emphasis include Forest Products, Construction, Food Services/Distribution and Manufacturing. Typical clients include:
Plum Creek Timber Company
Food Services of America
Potlatch Corporation

Over recent years, many non profit organizations in the Pacific Northwest, seeking to upgrade their impact and economic viability, have sought to bring the business rigor more typically found in the private sector to the operation of their mission driven enterprises. Working with non-profit boards on CEO and Executive Director searches, CSS has played an integral role in this pursuit. Examples would be:
"Thrive by Five", the Gates Foundation
Planned Parenthood of Central Washington
Pioneer Human Services

Major association management requires executives with skills that are difficult to locate and which span a wide variety of skills and abilities. To effectively deal with the range of issues an association membership wants addressed, executives often need experience in governmental affairs, public affairs, neighborhood outreach, environmental affairs, and media relations. CSS has been asked by Association Boards to locate candidates who combine these attributes with the more typical leadership, financial, human resources and strategic planning skills. Clients would include:
The Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties
Washington Citizens for World Trade
The Olympia Master Builders


The US labor market has undergone a revolution over the last 25 years, and shows evidence that change will continue and accelerate.

Job volatility is now, and will be for the foreseeable future, a way of life. Jobs, companies, and even whole industries (just think of print journalism) wither and disappear with increasing frequency. This is the US labor market in the age of technology and accompanying generational transitions

The traditional practice of forcing displaced executives into cookie-cutter out place programs and having them submit to canned, routinized seminars and the psycho-babble from counselors who have seldom, if ever, been in the everyday workplace, is no longer particularly helpful in making career transitions.

What we offer is different.

Oh sure, we can help with the typical stuff everyone grapples with when contemplating change-resumes, cover letters, transferable skill identification, job search strategy etc. But an understanding of these topics, while important, will not be sufficient to provide you that critical advantage over the thousands of other highly qualified executives competing for fewer jobs at the top.

With nearly 40 years of working with CEO's, CHRO's and other hiring managers, we have a clear-eyed, practical and insider's understanding of what makes the difference between getting interviews and offers, and merely slogging from one informational interview or networking discussion to another, for months and sometimes years.

Here are some non-traditional subjects we cover:

Group interview dynamics
An increasing element of job search is encountering panel interviews with 3 to 15 evaluators, or more, at one time and over several hours. The rules governing doing well in these situations are different and challenging. Who do I look at first, who do I address, who do I ask questions of?

Pre-hire Assessments
Psychometric assessments of various stripes are being used to filter candidates, sometimes before they even get to the stage of being seriously interviewed by recruiters or hiring managers.
What do tools like Myers-Briggs, DISC, and others really measure?
Can you refuse to take them?
How do they work?
Are they valid predictors?

The Importance of Social Media
LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media applications are playing an increasingly important role in the recruitment process. Concepts like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) need to be factored into everyone's search strategy to optimize the chances of you being successful.
Can good jobs be found using these tools?
Is your on-line profile a help or a hindrance to you acquiring the position you want?
What are the pitfalls to avoid in managing your on-line brand?

The Increasing importance of Psychology
One of the current buzzwords in the workplace, particularly pertaining to recruitment and hiring, is the concept of "EQ" (as in Emotional Quotient, or the recognition of the importance of emotions, both yours and others, in human interactions), as distinct from IQ. Candidates are increasingly having their EQ evaluated, and how they score in that regard often influences hiring decisions.
How does your EQ influence hiring decisions?
Can EQ be learned and practiced?
Can and should you tailor your responses to reflect high EQ? If so, how?

We work with our clients to understand and refine their EQ, and to apply it properly in their career transition strategy.

"Projects", "Proposals", and "Work Samples" as part of the Interview Process
Hiring managers are increasingly adding “assessment center” tasks to the interview process. For example, if the position being filled is a Vice President of Marketing, it is not usual for candidates to be asked to put together a sample marketing plan for the company in question, or to be required to answer the question, "Demonstrate for us in writing how you would penetrate the aftermarket for our newest widget?"
What is a strategy for properly handling this type of request?
What are the risks, the downsides of accepting or refusing?
How can this practice be misused by employers, and can you do anything about it?

Contracts and Employment Letters
Given labor market volatility, more and more transitioning executives are exploring the pros and cons of requesting employment contracts as a natural portion of the hiring process, often covering the many contingencies that result from the dynamic nature of today's business environment.

Most often, we are asked about "out-clauses", "salary continuations" and other protections against change of ownership or simply capricious termination.
How hard should you push?
Are these double-edged swords?
How long should you request to be paid in light of these events?

These and other more obscure issues are all going to be an increasing part of the search process and you will need to be aware of and prepared for them if you are to be successful in getting that next position. We can discuss the best strategies for negotiating favorable terms.

Mentoring and Career Coaching
The variety and range of questions that arise during the course of navigating a career transition are almost endless. Here is a sampling of issues that have derailed and bedeviled job seekers over the years, and which can be addressed during coaching sessions:
Should I pay my way to job interviews if the client doesn't offer to reimburse for travel costs?
Can I refuse to tell a recruiter my current salary?
Should I bring up sensitive personal information during interviews if I know the hiring committee is curious about a particular subject, i.e., co-opt a potential roadblock by facing it directly before being asked?
Do I have to submit to credit and public records background checks if requested by the hiring company? What about bankruptcies, DWI's on my record etc?


Craig Macdonald has nearly 30 years of experience working with hiring managers, Boards and executives on the design, development and implementation of effective interviewing and selection systems. CSS can create customized, structured, behavioral and values-based interviews which facilitate the measurement of a candidate's actual skills in core competency areas critical to success in a given position. Additionally, we can introduce the appropriate use of psychometric tools and assessments for use in selection, coaching and appraisal.


CSS has experience in assisting clients with the staffing planning needs at all levels of the organization. We can marshal the resources to provide multiple hire strategies for a wide diversity of business functions and can augment the HR department's ability to quickly inject both professional and technical talent over a limited time frame.


The most effective companies recognize the importance of insuring that they comprehensively evaluate, identify and prepare their key executives for future promotions. The process of planning for turnover and preparing to fill vacant positions with internal resources is known as Succession Planning, and CSS can advise companies on how to more efficiently implement this critical process.

Customized Career Coaching

  • AAA of Washington
  • Aim Aviation
  • Aviation Partners Boeing
  • Bailey's Inc. – California
  • Bennett Homes
  • Bridport Air Carrier
  • Cape Fox, Alaska
  • Casey Family Programs
  • Central Youth & Family Services
  • Clipper Seafoods
  • Dash (Downtown Action to Save Housing)
  • DeBolte Plumbing & Heating
  • Economic Development Council of Seattle and King County (Enterprise Seattle)
  • Economic Development Association of Skagit County
  • Enterprise for Progress in the Community (EDIC)
  • Food Services of America
  • Green Diamond Resource Company
  • Hermanson
  • Huna Totem Corporation
  • Klawock Heenya, Alaska
  • Kluckwan Corporation, Alaska
  • Lifewire
  • Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties
  • Muckleshoot Tribe
  • Nuprecon
  • Olympia Master Builders
  • Olympian PreCast
  • Pacific Coast Marine Industries
  • Pioneer Human Services
  • Planned Parenthood of Central Washington
  • Plum Creek Timber Company
  • Port Blakely Companies
  • Port of Astoria
  • Potlatch Corporation
  • Prime Electric
  • Right Management Consultants
  • RiteCare of Washington
  • Seattle Chinese Gardens
  • Senior Services
  • Shurgard Solutions/Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Seattle
  • Tacoma Children's Home
  • Tandem Electric
  • Thrive by Five
  • Todd Pacific Shipyards
  • United Negro College Fund
  • Washington Citizens for World Trade
  • Washington Companies
  • Welcome Home (private Social Services Agency)
  • Weyerhaeuser Company
  • Willapa Bay
  • York Enterprises
  • Zetec

    Click on our clients below to read their testimonial

    Scott Howell, CEO
    Northern Industrial, Inc.

    Scott Howell, CEO
    Northern Industrial, Inc

    Our Company is a mid-sized private OEM with facilities in 7 countries. The international aspect of our business has an important influence on our staffing decisions. Many of our North American salaried positions must work across cultural, language and social boundaries in dealing with their international colleagues and customers. Our Corporate culture has developed to embrace cultural differences and use them to improve results. When we fill a salaried position, we have learned it is critical to the success of the candidate that we have an excellent fit with our team and our culture, in addition to being competent to perform the expected duties.

    Craig Macdonald has been my recruiter-of-choice since 1992. He does all our work in North America. We wish he would do work in Europe. His work for us includes recruiting our current CFO, three division Presidents, and department managers in manufacturing and sales. National statistics indicate a 50% failure rate for recruited leaders. Since 1992 we have yet to have a failure with a recruited leader. We have lost some recruited personnel over time to better opportunities, but as a percentage, no more than non-recruited personnel.

    I believe the key to Craig's success in our Company is the investment he has made, and continues to make, in knowing our key personnel and our Company culture. Craig has invested many hours with our key people, understanding how we manage our business and who we are. When we start a search, Craig forces us to do our homework at the front-end, helping us focus upon the critical requirements of the role and the keys to success in it. When we finally speak with a candidate, we have great confidence the interview will be a wise investment of time by all. When we become serious about a candidate Craig guides us through in-depth analysis of the results of reliable personal profiles, background and

    reference checks. When the process is complete, our team has great confidence in the decision made.

    We view Craig as an extension of our senior management team. He is a known quantity whose counsel and advice is sought and trusted. His initial relationship with the Company was with me, but if I was no longer here, I am confident his relationship with Northern Industrial would continue unchanged. We feel fortunate to have Craig as part of the Northern Industrial team.

    Chuck Holland, President
    Washington Citizens for World Trade

    Chuck Holland, President
    Washington Citizens for World Trade

    Washington Citizens for World Trade wishes to express it appreciation for the job Craig did in our search for a new Executive Director.

    Finding a new Executive Director for an association involves many aspects and difficulties that a corporate placement does not entail. Not only did you find us excellent candidates for the selection committee to review, you also helped us in the arduous process of formulating the actual job profile ad conducting the two rounds of interviews.

    During the interviews, we were all impressed how you were able to guide us to focus on the key attributes of each candidate in comparison to the job profile. We believe that having you as our recruiter enabled us to make the best selection possible.

    The process was the most realistic approach, as it was done in such a way as to allow the association membership to actively participate. There was an added element in this process; members of the search Committee and the association changed with my becoming president of the association. With all these changes, you were a total asset to our search, for without you, it would not have been accomplished so smoothly and capably.

    Washington Citizens for World Trade or its members, should they require the need for recruiting and placement services such as you provide, will undoubtedly readily retain your services. Thank you for a job well done!

    Barbara Crowe, Vice President/Human Resources
    Plum Creek Timber Company

    Barbara Crowe, Vice President/Human Resources
    Plum Creek Timber Company

    Over the past 17 years, Craig Macdonald has assisted us in dozens of searches from staff positions through senior management, and in functional areas including tax, accounting, finance, human resources, information technology, purchasing, and manufacturing.

    Craig knows our business, and understands our culture and expectations. As a result, he can effectively screen candidates so we only see candidates who have the strongest potential to be successful at Plum Creek.

    Filling positions is easy. Placing the right candidate in the right role for a long-term successful career is tough. That's what Craig does best.

    Warren Kan, President
    Port of Astoria

    Warren Kan, President
    Port of Astoria

    The Port of Astoria wishes to express appreciation for a very professional job, well done! Your efforts to locate a new director for the port easily exceeded our best expectations. We felt good at the time of hiring but now that the Director has had 90 days on the job, we are even more enthusiastic that we have made the right selection and would endorse the process to anyone.

    Your ability to determine the desired qualifications by interviewing a range of people to verify our job description gave you an insight we didn't have individually. You were able to access candidates and maintain confidentiality when we couldn't. Your set of questions enabled us to be consistent in weighing factors.

    The reason for our endorsement of your efforts is simple. The system you best serve employed the public good and at the same time satisfied their right to know pertinent information. The proof is that we had a group of candidates that we would not otherwise have been able to consider and that we ended up with a director that exceeded our expectations. We hope that other agencies can take advantage of the system to good advantage. Thanks again.

    George D. Cooper, Chief Executive Officer
    Huna Totem Corporation

    George D. Cooper, Chief Executive Officer
    Huna Totem Corporation

    On behalf of the Huna Totem Corporation, I want to personally express my gratitude for a very difficult job well done. When I announced my retirement several years ago, the Board of Directors elected to handle its own executive search. The new Chief Executive officer was hired; however, after the first year the individual resigned.

    Realizing that it was imperative for the corporation to hire an individual knowledgeable with the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act but yet having extensive experience working with professional money, property and forestry managers, the Board of Directors elected to seek the professional assistance of an executive search firm.

    This has not been an easy assignment for you. From the outset of developing a working profile to the interview process and Board selection, the demands for locating the right candidate have been very demanding. You have handled the search and interview process extremely well and you must be commended for your patience, understanding of the Board's interest and concerns, and the ability to be able to present a very qualified group of five candidates to the Board for their consideration.

    The Board has selected an individual highly qualified for the Chief Executive position. Your communication with the candidate and keeping him informed in the process assured that he would be available for an interview by the Board even though he had several other inviting offers.

    The guidance and direction you have provided to Huna Totem Corporation was very timely and I am confident that the new Chief Executive will be a good match for the corporation. Thanks again for a job well done.

    Dr. John R. Fitzgerald, Chairman, Search Committee
    AAA Washington

    Dr. John R. Fitzgerald, Chairman, Search Committee
    AAA Washington

    On behalf of our Search Committee and AAA Washington, I wish to express our admiration and gratitude for Craig Macdonald's efforts in finding our new CEO.

    His executive search carried him from coast to coast and consisted of over sixty contacts, nineteen whom he interviewed. He brought to our committee five top candidates, and then assisted us in narrowing the choice to two, and finally, one. His professionalism and realistic approach to this entire process, over a period of exceeding ten months, was evident and very effective.

    He assisted the committee in remaining focused. His questions to candidates during final interviews and later to the committee were insightful, and he was able to point out any subtle deviations to the job commitment from candidates that the committee would not have picked up. His experience and discernment were very unique.

    I would, without reservation, call on him again for any executive search and recommend Craig without hesitation.

    Jane Gutting, Superintendent
    Educational Service District 105

    Jane Gutting, Superintendent
    Educational Service District 105

    I want you to know how pleased I have been with the services from Corporate Strategies Search. Twice now I have been challenged with finding nationally recognized CEOs to take on highly visible projects in our rural community. I know how difficult it is to recruit and compete for this caliber of leadership. In both instances you took on the challenge and accomplished the impossible. Thanks, Craig, for the leadership you have recruited for Yakima. Not only did you lead us in successfully completing these two searches; you gave us several applicants to choose from. I am personally indebted to you. I also want you to know that I have received positive feedback about you from out applicants. I was told many times that they were treated respectfully by the way you kept them engaged in ongoing communication about the search process. Please know I will be calling on you again.

    Zakir Parpia, President
    Master Builders Association

    Zakir Parpia, President
    Master Builders Association

    On behalf of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, I want to express our appreciation to you for the exceptionally professional job you did conducting the search for our new Executive Director.

    Given the divergence of opinion among the board of directors and membership at large relative to which search criteria was of most importance, this search quickly became a difficult and complex assignment. You proved extremely adroit at filtering through the political crosscurrents among staff and membership, eliciting and distilling those commonly expressed concerns and requirements, and developing from that material a workable, realistic position profile.

    Further, you played a pivotal role advising the search committee on the appropriate base salary and incentive bonus package needed to attract the right type of candidate, devising a useful interviewing process and then guiding all the search committee members through the evaluation and selection phases. Throughout a number of frustrating "mid-course corrections", you remained the balance facilitator.

    In the end, the MBA found the best conceivable candidate available to fit our current needs and this was largely due to your creative stewardship. We unhesitatingly recommend you to other clients who have a need for this type of high-level executive search expertise.

    Doug Robison, Chairman
    Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Seattle

    Doug Robison, Chairman
    Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Seattle

    It is my genuine pleasure to communicate to you, speaking both for our entire executive selection committee, and myself, our sincere appreciation for Craig's truly outstanding assistance in hiring a top-notch new President for Consumer Credit Counseling of Seattle.

    Our needs as a dynamic and rapidly growing not-for-profit organization, one of Seattle's largest, were relatively unique and Craig provided very effective counsel throughout the process. This was instrumental in keeping us efficient, focused and on track.

    Craig's assistance in refining and articulating our position requirements was invaluable, and ultimately resulted in bringing us candidates, particularly the three finalists, who were truly an excellent fit for our needs.

    Our committee was very impressed with Craig's desire and ability to "take the high road" ethically and professionally, yet provide down-to-earth guidance to our relatively inexperienced selection committee. We feel we had just the right amount of detail and insight, without wallowing in unnecessary interim details.

    Craig's able assistance included a very material part in planning and conducting the finalists' interviews, especially in that we are "part-timers" and did all the interviews in one sitting. In addition, Craig's advice and counsel on shaping and extending the offer was most helpful. In short, we felt he was there for us from "A to Z" and the bottom line was that we had three highly qualified candidates from which to choose.

    Perhaps the most notable thing I can offer is that all of this has resulted in a real "find" for CCCSS, as the successful candidate has hit the deck running. Six months after coming aboard, we are most pleased with his performance and progress.

    Dennis Shade, Treasurer
    Olympia Master Builders

    Dennis Shade, Treasurer
    Olympia Master Builders

    Recently I have had the distinct opportunity to work closely with Mr. Craig Macdonald of Corporate Strategies Search, LLC. As Secretary/Treasurer of the Olympia Master Builders, Olympia, Washington, it was my duty to participate on a committee in a search for a new Executive Officer for the association. Early on in the process, the committee recognized the need to hire a professional to help us. Having heard of Corporate Strategies, we contacted Craig for a proposal.

    I can honestly report it was all very positive from the point of contact and forward. Craig provided the most comprehensive plan I have ever reviewed in order to meet our association's objectives in hiring a new Executive Officer. The plan presented to us by Craig was not just a carte blanche document. He spent hours and many trips to Olympia interviewing our Board members and assessing our operations in order to strategically master a plan that has exceeded our expectations.

    Once the plan was established and adopted by our Board, it became clear that we had met and hired the right company to take us forward through a professional journey that netted our association the best person available in the country to lead our association. The attention to every detail displayed by Craig in our hiring process provided us the opportunity to ask the right questions in a formatted manner and ultimately make very informed decisions in the hiring process. Craig provided the necessary strategies throughout the entire process that also placed our applicants in a position to understand the importance of our mission. Every applicant wanted to be hired by us before even getting to the interview.

    Craig was very instrumental in providing leadership in our contract language and negotiations for the new hire. Without his leadership, our association may have made some serious mistakes. Craig continues to be concerned for our association by checking with our Board to assess how our new hire is performing.

    I can personally and professionally recommend Craig and his company to anyone seeking professional services. Craig and his company have the ability to save companies money and valuable time with the services they can provide.

    James Haskel Mayo II, Vice President, Western Region
    United Negro College Fund

    James Haskel Mayo II, Vice President, Western Region
    United Negro College Fund

    On behalf of the United Negro College Fund, I simply wanted to commend you on the exceptional job you did recently on our search for an Area Development Director in Seattle. The assignment we gave you of not only locating a fully experienced fund development professional, but also a minority candidate was an extremely challenging one given the limited labor market for that type of candidate in the Pacific Northwest. You identified a stellar candidate pool that reflected your keen understanding and sensitivity to our needs in that area.

    You were the consummate professional and I would personally recommend you highly to non-profit organizations for any senior level search assignment that might arise in the Pacific Northwest or elsewhere.

    Del Clark, Board Member/Tribal Member
    Willapa Bay Enterprises

    Del Clark, Board Member/Tribal Member
    Willapa Bay Enterprises

    I'd like to officially compliment Craig Macdonald for the tenacity and sensitivity he demonstrated in working with the Board of Willapa Bay Enterprises, and the Shoalwater Bay Tribe during the long process of locating and recruiting our new Chief Executive Officer.

    Our board is fairly newly formed, and not use to participating in a process of this depth and length, and Craig very patiently guided us through each new phase - explaining as he went why something was either critical for us to consider or of more moderate importance. He assisted us in prioritization and kept us focused on moving ahead.

    With prior experience recruiting for Native American and Alaska Native organizations, Craig understood our preference for finding a CEO who understood our culture and preferably possessed Native heritage. As it turned out, all seven semi-final candidates either had worked for organizations with Native ownership or were Natives themselves. Our new CEO is a very talented, young Alaska Native, and we expect he will make all the difference in WBE's future.

    Not every consultant can succeed at working effectively in the sometimes politically and culturally confusing arena that typifies the Native-owned business community.

    Craig Macdonald is one of the few.

    Joe Farina, Board Chairman
    EPIC (Enterprise for Progress in the Community)

    Joe Farina, Board Chairman
    EPIC (Enterprise for Progress in the Community)

    EPIC is a non-profit early childhood education and youth services provider in Central Washington. We employ around 500 employees and require talented leaders to run the Organization. EPIC contracted with Corporate Strategies Search and Craig Macdonald to hire our CEO/President.

    I first became familiar with Mr. Macdonald while serving on the board and the Executive Search Committee for East Yakima Early Learning initiative which then became Ready by Five. Mr. Macdonald produced a very successful national search that ended in an outstanding CEO hire. EPIC requested Mr. Macdonald's assistance to conduct a national search for their CEO/President. As a result, we successfully hired a CEO, but the real talents of Mr. Macdonald lie in the process that we went through.

    Our search presented itself with many special difficulties that are not typical of a search process. The assistance that Mr. Macdonald was able to provide exceeded most search organizations capabilities. Craig is a real professional and was able to assist in guiding the board and search committee through this process. His ability to get involved with the company and understand what is needed for the hire to be successful, then lead and inform the committee as the process develops is truly his talent.

    I have all the confidence that Mr. Macdonald can meet the needs of any company when it comes to hiring the best possible person for a job. EPIC is now ready to achieve a new level of early education with our new CEO/President and the support of the board.